Legendary Whitetails

Decal & Tint Installation

Decal Installation Video:





Decal Instalation steps:

Legendary vinyl graphics application is an easy three step process.  Please read through all instructions before begining, and make sure the ambient temp is between 50° and 90° F.

  • Step #1: Clean
    Clean thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Position graphic and use a small piece of masking tape along the top edge to hold in place. Flip the graphic up so the paper is facing outward and the graphic is upside down.

  • Step #2: Remove
    At a sharp angle, slowly remove the white backing paper from the clear transfer sheet. Stop if any part of the graphic is stuck to the white backing. Return the backing paper to it's original position.  Firmly apply pressure and rub the area of the graphic that was sticking. Resume pulling slowly at a sharp angle. This step may need to be repeated.

  • Step #3: Secure
    After the white backing paper is removed, hold it away from the surface at the bottom and slowly, firmly and evenly rub down the graphic with a credit card or similar item.  Work slowly to the bottom making sure to remove all the air bubbles as you go. Wait a few minutes and begin to slowly peel the clear transfer sheet off, at a sharp angle.



Window Tint Instalation Video: